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Personal Listing and Business Setup

Personal Listing Overview

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My Schedule and Personal Availability

My Schedule Overview

Setting Up Availability

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Business Schedule and Appointments

Schedule Settings, Views, and Tools Overview

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Booking Appointments

Editing Appointments

Canceling and No Showing Appointments

Checking Out Appointments

Business Schedule FAQs

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Online Booking

Booking Rules Overview

Prepayment Rules Overview

Online Booking for Clients

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Reserve with Google

Reserve With Google FAQs

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Adding and Deleting Staff

Managing Staff Settings

Managing Staff Availability

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Adding and Deleting Clients

Managing Client Records

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Organizing Clients

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SOAP Notes and Client Intake Forms

Creating SOAP Notes

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Managing SOAP Notes

Managing Intake Forms

Sending Intake Forms

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Setting Up Reviews

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Requesting Reviews

Managing Reviews

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Website Integration Tools

Placing MassageBook Into an Existing Website

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Facebook Connect

Website Integration FAQs

Gift Certificates

Setting Up Your Business's Gift Certificates Menu

Selling Gift Certificates

Redeeming Gift Certificates

Managing Gift Certificates

MassageBook Public Gift Cards Program

Gift Certificates FAQs

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Marketing Tools

Email Campaigns

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Marketing 101

Marketing FAQs

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Credit Card Processing with Square

Connecting with Square

Checking Out with Square

Square FAQs

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Credit Card Processing with Stripe

Connecting with Stripe

Checking Out with Stripe

Managing a Stripe Account

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Stripe Credit Card Readers

Stripe FAQs

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Email Notifications and Text Alerts

Emails and Texts Sent to Clients

Google Sync

Establishing a Google Sync

Google Sync Rules

Troubleshooting Google Sync Issues

Google Sync FAQs

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Series and Prepaid Services

Series Overview

Prepaid Services Overview

Managing a Client's Series & Pre-Paid Services

Series FAQs

Cash Register and Sales

Cash Register Overview

Working with Receipts


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Mobile FAQs

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Personal and Business Dashboards

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