Selling a Gift Certificate

All Service Certificates and Custom Certificates that are Active can be sold through the Cash Register.

When you sell one, you'll select:

  • A template for the Gift Certificate. 
  • The type of gift. 
  • The recipient of the gift (optional). 
  • The delivery method (email or print). 
  • The To and From (optional). 

Once a Gift Certificate sale is complete, a gift code is generated that can be redeemed by the recipient at the end of online booking or by the Business when checking out an appointment. 

To sell a Gift Certificate through the Cash Register, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile. 
  2. Select Cash Register
  3. Select Add Gift Certificate
  4. Select Generate New to open Add Gift Certificate. 
  5. Select a Template for the Gift Certificate. 
  6. Select the Gift Card dropdown menu. 
  7. Select the Service Certificate or Custom Certificate you're selling.
  8. Enter the recipient's First Name and Last Name (optional). 
  9. Select a Delivery Method
    • If Send by Email, enter the recipient's email address.
    • If Print Gift Certificate, it will be available to print after checkout. 
  10. Enter To, From, and a Message to personalize the template (optional). 
  11. Select Save to add the Gift Certificate to the Cash Register.
  12. Type in Search Clients to locate and select an existing Client. If the Client doesn't already have a record, choose +Quick Add instead, fill in their contact information, and select Add Client. 
  13. Select Checkout to proceed with recording the payment method. Note: If a discount is applied, the Client will pay the total due after the discount, but the gift code will still be good for the original amount of the Service or Custom Certificate.

Once the sale is finalized, the Gift Certificate will be stored under Gift Certificates in the Credits section of the purchasing Client's record. 

If you selected to send by email, the Gift Certificate will automatically be emailed to the address you entered in step 9. It will contain your Business's contact information, the gift code, and a link to your MassageBook Business Website to book online. 

If you selected to print, select Print Gift Certificate on the Sales Receipt that's generated at the end of checkout. It will include the same information as the emailed version.  


  • You can sell more than one Gift Certificate at a time through the Cash Register. After you add the first, repeat steps 3 - 11. 
  • Because a recipient isn't required, a Gift Certificate can be redeemed by whomever the purchase gives it to. 
  • If the purchaser wants it to be emailed to them instead, enter their address in step 9.
  • Gift Certificates cannot be sold through the Cash Register in MassageBook Mobile.
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