Can a Client Complete an Intake Form on a Tablet In Office?

A Client's Intake Form can be accessed and completed through their record in the Client's section of your Business Profile. 

To access an Intake Form, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile 
  2. Select Clients to open your list.
  3. Search for and select the Client to open their record. If the Client doesn't already have a record, choose Add Client instead, fill in their contact information, and select Save.
  4. Select Intake Form to expand the menu. 
  5. Select View to open the Intake Form window.

Once the form is filled in and saved, it's automatically added to the Client's record and stored there for viewing. 

Note: Because that process is done through your Professional Account and not designed for Client interaction, we recommend sending the form to the Client's own smartphone or printing a blank copy for them to fill in instead. 

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