Intake Forms Overview

MassageBook's digital Intake Form can be completed online by a Client prior to their appointment. A request is sent to their email address on file, and the form is filled out and signed through a secure link in the email. 

The Client is asked to answer the following pages: Personal Information, Issues to Address, Existing Conditions, and Waiver. 

There are three ways a Client can receive an Intake Form: 

  • Booking an appointment online. 
  • Booking an appointment for them on the Schedule. 
  • Sending one directly through their record. 

Once it's submitted by the Client, the completed form automatically populates in their record and is stored there for viewing. The Intake Form can be accessed through:

  • Their record in the Clients section of your Business Profile. 
  • Their appointment and record on the Schedule. 
  • Their SOAP Notes history in your Personal Profile. 

Contraindications and medications that are added to the Intake Form are flagged to alert you and are added to the Client's record and all of their appointments on the Schedule.

Note: Your subscription must include Client Intake Forms to use the feature. Clinical or Master only. 





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