SOAP Notes Overview

MassageBook's electronic SOAP Notes are seamlessly tied to each Client's record, making it easy to find past notes and create new ones for a full historical view. They’re also ultra secure and HIPAA compliant, so you’ll never have to worry about security issues.

An anatomical chart is included for a reference, and you can select on it to access deeper layers of the body. 

There are two versions of the feature: 

  • Basic SOAP Notes let you manually type your findings into each provided field: Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan. This capability is included with all subscription plans. 
  • Premium SOAP Notes expand on Basic by giving you the ability to add notes to the body chart using the auto-create and draw tools. These capabilities are only included with Clinical or Master.

In order to access and use SOAP Notes:

SOAP Notes can be created and viewed in two areas of your Professional Account:

  • The SOAP Notes section of your Personal Profile. 
  • The SOAP Notes tab of the Client's record in your Business Profile. This can be accessed through either Clients or Schedule. 

A copy of each completed, saved note is stored in the SOAP Notes tab of the Client's record for viewing, editing, printing and saving to your device. 


  • For simplicity purposes, all tutorials about SOAP Notes are completed through the SOAP Notes section of the Personal Profile. 
  • For HIPAA purposes, a SOAP Note that has been saved or saved as a draft cannot be deleted. The note can only be edited to include a new version.
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