Drawing on a Premium SOAP Note

Premium SOAP Notes include the ability to draw directly on the body chart. A variety of tools and colors are available.

To draw notes and findings on a new Premium SOAP Note, navigate to your:

  1. Personal Profile.
  2. Select SOAP Notes.
  3. Type in Search Clients to locate and select a Client to open their history.
  4. Select +New Blank to open a blank SOAP Note.
  5. Select the Draw button to open the Draw on SOAP Notes window. Note: To zoom in to a deeper layer of the body prior to drawing, first select the Layers button and then select on the body chart.
  6. Choose a tool to use:
    • Select Color to choose which color to draw with.
    • Select Draw to freehand with the pen.
    • Select Circle to outline with a circle or oval.
    • Select Eraser to erase markings.
    • Select 2px, 5px or 15px to change the size of Draw, Circle and Eraser.
    • Select Undo to remove the most recent stroke(s).
    • Select Redo to add back the most recent stroke(s) if undone.
  7. To use the Draw, Circle or Eraser tool, select and hold down on the body chart > move your cursor or finger around the figure > release to add the stroke.
  8. Select Save to save your progress, close the window and return to the SOAP Note.
  9. Add other notes as needed, and complete any remaining requirements. 
  10. Select Save to complete the SOAP Note and add it to the Client's record. 

Note: Your subscription must include Premium SOAP Notes in order to use the Draw tools. Clinical or Master only.

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