Adding an Auto-Create Note to a Premium SOAP Note

Premium SOAP Notes include the ability to automatically create Subjective and Objective notes by using a series of dropdown menus. The answers are formatted into a sentence after an option from each menu is selected, and an orange dot is added to the body chart to indicate where the note applies. 

To add an auto-create note to a new Premium SOAP Note, navigate to your:

  1. Personal Profile. 
  2. Select SOAP Notes
  3. Type in Search Clients to locate and select a Client.
  4. Select +New Blank to open a blank SOAP Note. 
  5. Select the Note button. 
  6. Select on the body chart where you want to add a dot. Note: To zoom in to a deeper layer, select the Layers button first. 
  7. Select either Subjective or Objective to open the auto-create window. 
  8. Select each dropdown menu to choose an option that best suits the symptoms or findings. 
  9. Select Save to structure your selections into a sentence and add a dot to the body chart. 
  10. Add other notes as needed, and complete any remaining requirements. 
  11. Select Save to complete the SOAP Note and add it to the Client's record. 

Note: Your subscription must include Premium SOAP Notes in order to use the Note tool. Clinical or Master only.

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