Why Are New Clients Who Book Through My Business Listing Required to Prepay?

MassageBook works hard to promote independent massage and bodywork Businesses to the public with the goal of sending these practices new Clients. Our impact is significant and growing steadily, and many Businesses count on our efforts as a source of income.

As of January 2nd, 2019, if you've chosen to allow new Clients to book through your Business Listing in the MassageBook Search Directory, all new Clients booking through there will be required to prepay in order to confirm their appointment.  

This requirement ensures that both the Business and MassageBook get paid, and money earned through our marketing efforts will continue to be put towards our ongoing efforts of promoting the MassageBook Search Directory. 

Note: New Clients booking through your MassageBook Business Website will not be required to prepay if you have not activated that setting in Prepayment Rules. They will still have the option to pay in advance or pay after the appointment. 

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