Adding a Call-to-Action Button to an Autopilot

Each Autopilot includes a link to your MassageBook Business Website in the template so that a recipient can effortlessly book their next appointment via the email

You can also add your own custom call-to-action button to any of the emails if you want to direct Clients to a Promotion or another website. 

To add a call-to-action button to an Autopilot, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile. 
  2. Select Marketing
  3. Select Autopilot
  4. Locate the Autopilot Name you want to add a button to. 
  5. Select Edit next to the title to proceed to the Edit Automated Campaign page. 
  6. Select Edit next to the Email Subject to proceed to the Edit Automated Campaign Email page. 
  7. Under Design Your Email, select in a content box on the template to view the editor tools. 
  8. Select Button in the tools menu to open the Insert Button window. 
  9. Enter the Link for the Promotion or external site.
  10. Enter Text for the title of the button. 
  11. Use the available tools to customize the button's design (optional). 
  12. Select OK to close the window and to add the button to the template. 
  13. Select Save at the bottom to apply the change and to return to the Edit Automated Campaign page.


  • The Bring 'Em Back includes five emails. Each is edited individually. 
  • If the site's formal address contains it, be sure to include https://www. when entering a link. For example, if you're adding a button that links to Google, use as opposed to just or This ensures that the button will open as intended when selected by a Client.
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