How Do I Create a BOGO for a Service Promo?

A Service Promo lets you apply an automatic discount based on a percentage or dollar amount off the listed price of an individual Service or Series. 

A Series is two or more of the same Service combined into one menu item, and each session is booked out across multiple appointments. When a Series is booked and purchased, the remaining sessions are automatically added to the Credits section of the Client's record for booking at a later date. 

To create a buy one Service, get another using a Series:

  • Add a new Series to your Service Menu
    • Enter a generic title and description, not the Promotion's title and description.  
    • Enter two for the quantity, and enter the sell price as the same as the retail price. 
    • Ensure it's Active and Online. 
  • Create a Promotion for a Service
    • On the Name step, title and describe appropriately. For example, "Book and pay for your first appointment today, and another service will automatically be added to your online booking account that can be scheduled at a later date." 
    • On the Add Deals step, select the Series and enter a 50% discount. 
    • On the Summary step, select to require prepayment so that the second session is automatically added to the Client's online booking account. 

When the first session is booked and paid for online, the Client will only pay the cost of one Service and a second Service will automatically be added to their record.

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