How Do I Book a Traveling Service Through the Search Directory?

The MassageBook Search Directory allows visitors to view listings by Business or Service Provider. Using a variety of tools, you can filter results to find precisely the right therapist for you. 

The online booking process is the same for all Businesses across the MassageBook Search Directory, and each Business and Service Provider has it's own listing where you can preview the Services they provide, read reviews from verified customers, and book with them online. 

You can book a Traveling Service at the location of your choice if the Business you are booking with offers Outcall appointments. The location you enter must fall within the Business's service area in order to book the appointment. 

The following tutorial covers how to book an Outcall appointment with a Business through the MassageBook Search Directory.

To get started:

  1. Go here to access MassageBook's homepage. 
  2. Select Travel to Me
  3. Enter the Location you want to search. By default, your current location will display, but you can change it if needed. 
  4. Select Search to view results near you. 
  5. Under Travel to Me, enter the Service Address where you want the appointment to take place to show only results that fit. Note: If viewing on a mobile device, select Filters to access Travel to Me.
  6. Locate and Select a Business you want to book with to open their Business Listing. 
  7. Select Book Now to view available Traveling Services. 
  8. If needed, update the Service AddressNote: If the new address you are searching for does not populate, select Can't Find Your Address?, fill in the Address Details, and select Use This Address
  9. Choose the Service and duration you want to book and Select it. Note: You'll be notified if an updated address is not within the Business's service area and asked to enter a new one in order to proceed. 
  10. Select an available Staff
  11. Select an available Date
  12. Select an available Time
  13. Select Next to proceed. 
  14. Enter your Email Address
  15. Select Continue to proceed. 
  16. If you have an existing Public Account, enter your Password. If you don't, enter your Contact Info to create one. 
  17. Select Continue to proceed. 
  18. If activated by the Business, check any Add-ons you'd like to include with the Service and select Next. To bypass, Skip instead.
  19. If it's your first time booking under this account with the Business, check either Yes, I'm a first time customer or Nope, I've been here before.
  20. Enter Notes to provider (optional). 
  21. Select Next to proceed. 
  22. Check I agree with the cancellation policy
  23. Select Next to proceed. 
  24. Select your preferred Payment Option to complete booking a new Outcall appointment and to advance to the Booking Complete page:
    • If you want to pay in advance, select Prepay Now > enter Credit Card Information > Make Payment.
    • If you want to pay after the appointment, select Pay in Person.
    • If you're paying with a Gift Certificate, select Gift Certificate > enter the Gift Certificate Code and Amount > Continue.

If activated by the Business, an Appointment Confirmation, Intake Form, and receipt maybe sent to your account's email address.


  • Each Business has control over who can book with them. If a Business does not allow new Clients to book online, you will not be able to do so if using an email address that the Business does not have on file.  
  • Depending on your status as a Client with a Business, you may be required to prepay the full amount to confirm the appointment. 
  • Store Credit cannot be used during online booking. If you have Store Credit with a Business, it can only be applied by the Business after the appointment. 
  • You will not be required to sign in during online booking if you're already signed into your account prior to booking. You'll see your name in the top right corner if you're signed in.
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