Creating a Promotion for a Gift Certificate

Promotions let you to run online deals on both Service Certificates and Custom Certificates, and you can apply an automatic discount based on a percentage or dollar amount off the listed price of each item. 

Each Gift Certificate Promo comes with its own unique webpage where the Gift Certificate can be purchased.

For Service Certificates, the amount off is based on the price listed under Gift Certificates > Service Certificates. 

For Custom Certificates, the amount off is based on the price listed under Gift Certificates > Custom Certificates. 

In both cases, the purchaser will pay the discounted rate, but the gift code that's generated will still be good for the original amount of the Service or Custom Certificate.

Multiple Gift Certificates can be included in the same Promotion, but each one is purchased separately. If you create a Promotion that includes multiple Gift Certificates, each one will be listed on its page but will be purchased individually. Including multiple Gift Certificates does not mean that the Client is buying all in the same transaction. Each Gift Certificate can only be purchased one at a time. 

To create a Promotion for a Gift Certificate, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile.
  2. Select Marketing.
  3. Select Promotions.
  4. Select +Create Promo to open (1) Name. 
  5. Select Gift Certificate(s) for the Promotion Type. 
  6. Enter a Promotion Title. This is how the Promotion will be titled on its public page. 
  7. Enter a Description. This is a summary of the Promotion and will in be included on its public page. 
  8. Select Next to proceed to (2) Add Deals. Note: The Promotion is saved each time you select Next to advance. 
  9. Select the Type dropdown menu to choose between In Office ServiceTraveling Service, or Custom Gift Certificate
  10. Select the Service dropdown menu to choose the Service Certificate or Custom Certificate you're creating the Promotion for. Note: The item must be Active and Online in your Gift Certificates Menu in order to be available for selection. 
  11. If you selected a Service Certificate, select the Duration dropdown menu to choose a single Duration or All. This is which durations will be available for purchase. 
  12. Enter an amount for the Discount, and select the dropdown menu to choose if it's a $ (dollar) or % (percent) off. This is how much will come off the item's listed price in your Gift Certificates Menu, not how much the Promotion will cost. 
  13. Select +Add Gift Certificate (optional) to include another Gift Certificate, and repeat steps 9 - 12 until all are added. 
  14. Select Next to proceed to (3) Dates & Times. 
  15. Select a Start Date. This is when the Promotion will become available for online purchase. The page will be generated and can be shared upon completion of the Promotion, but the option to purchase will not show until the start date. 
  16. Select an End Date. This is the last date the Promotion will be available for online purchase. Once this date has passed, the page will update to notify visitors that it has expired. 
  17. Select Next to proceed to (4) Summary. 
  18. Select your Display and Purchase Settings:
    • Display Promotion on My MassageBook Business Website if you want the Promotion to display publicly on the Gift Certificates page of your MassageBook Business Website and Listing. It will not appear there until the start date and will be removed after the end date. 
    • Limit Total Number of Purchases to a Maximum of if you want to restrict how many can be bought within the start and end date. This number displays publicly on the page as a countdown, and once reached, it will update to notify visitors that it has sold out.
    • Limit Number of Purchases on Any Given Day to if you want to restrict how many can be bought per day. This number does not display publicly, but once reached, visitors will be notified that the Promotion has reached today's limit. The option to buy will be deactivated and will reactivate the following day.
  19. Select Create Promotion to complete and finalize the Promotion's details. 

Afterwards, you'll be returned to the main page of the Promotions section, and your new Gift Certificate Promo will be listed under its title. 

Its unique page and link will automatically be generated, and you can begin sharing it through Campaigns and on social media. 


  • If you navigate away after completing (1) Name, the Promotion will be saved as a draft on the main page of the Promotions section. Select the Option dropdown to expand the menu and select Edit to pick up where you left off. 
  • A completed Promotion cannot be edited. It can only be paused or deleted. 
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