Promotions Overview

Promotions allow you to run online specials and deals on Services and Gift Certificates, and each one comes with its own unique webpage that can be shared with Clients however you please. 

With Promotions, you can:

  • Offer 20% off a new Service to the first 10 Clients who book it. 
  • Get a new Service Provider fully booked by discounting only their Services for a limited time. 
  • Fill in gaps on your Schedule by running a special that's only available during slow periods. 
  • Sell Gift Certificates at 25% off during holidays. 
  • And much more! 

When creating a Promotion, you'll select:

  • The type (Service or Gift Certificate). 
  • The deals that are included. 
  • The Staff it applies to (Services only). 
  • When it's available to book or purchase. 
  • Whether or not it displays publicly on your MassageBook Business Website. 
  • Whether or not prepayment is required (Services only). 
  • Whether or not it applies to new Clients only (Services only). 
  • Whether or not you want to limit the number of bookings or purchases to an amount of your choice. 

To create and use Promotions:

Note: Promotions follow your Business's current Online Booking Rules, Prepayment Rules, Availability, and Staff Settings.

For example, if you require both new and existing Clients to prepay to book standard Services, all Clients will be required to prepay to book a Service Promo as well.

Or, if you restrict a Service Promo to only be available on Tuesdays from 1pm - 5pm, Staff must also have those hours under Availabilty in order for it to be available for online booking during that time.

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