Designing and Building Your Own Campaign Template

When creating Campaign, you can choose from a multitude of pre-made templates or design one for yourself using a Build Your Own template. 

Each Build Your Own template includes designated placeholders for both images and text that can be filled in to your liking. 

To create and send a Campaign using a Build Your Own template, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile. 
  2. Select Marketing to open Campaigns. 
  3. Select +New Campaign to open the Select Template step.
  4. Select the Build Your Own tab. 
  5. Select Preview next to any template to view the layout. Image placeholders are denoted by a gray content box with dimensions, and text placeholders are denoted by a white content box with default text. 
  6. Once you've decided which template to use, Select it to proceed to the Recipients step. 
  7. Complete the Recipients step.
  8. Select Save & Next to proceed to the Design step. 
  9. Select in a gray content box on the template to open the Edit Content window and to add an image. For more information about uploading an image, go here
  10. Select Save Changes and Close to save the new content and to return to the Design step. 
  11. Repeat step 9 - 10 until all image placeholders are filled in. 
  12. Select in a white content box on the template to open the Edit Content window, and use the text editor tools to change the default copy as needed. For more information about adding a call-to-action button, go here
  13. Select Save Changes and Close to save the new content and to return to the Design step. 
  14. Repeat steps 12 - 13 until all text placeholders are filled in. 
  15. Complete the remaining steps and requirements to create and send the Campaign.


  • If you prefer a blank template that does not include designated placeholders, open the Themes tab in step 4 and Select the Blank Slate (or Empty) template at the bottom of the page.
  • Only default text on a template that is surrounded by a text editor (dotted line rectangle) can be modified. If text on a template is not within a editor box, it cannot be removed or changed.
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