What's the Difference Between My Business's Gift Certificates and MassageBook Gift Cards?

Your Business's Gift Certificates include Service Certificates, Custom Certificates, and Unique Codes.

All three types are either sold directly by your Business through the Cash Register or purchased directly from your Business by Clients through your MassageBook Business Website or Business Listing. 

The gift codes that are generated for any of these purchases can only used at your Business, and you receive the full amount paid minus card processing fees (if applicable). 


The MassageBook Gift Card program advertises and sells MassageBook branded e-gift cards to consumers across the country through the MassageBook Search Directory. 

These can be redeemed at any Business listed in the MassageBook Search Directory that chooses to accept them as a form of payment.

Just like your Business's Gift Certificates, MassageBook Gift Cards can be redeemed by the recipient at the end of online booking or by the Business when checking out an appointment. 

The only difference is that you receive 83% of the redeemed amount. 

This fee covers the cost of processing the card at the time of purchase and MassageBook's marketing and advertising fees.

To learn how to accept MassageBook Gift Cards (optional), go here.
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