Selling a Prepaid Service or Series

If a Client wants to pay for a Service or Series in advance, you can sell it through the Cash Register in MassageBook Mobile. Services and Series sold through the Cash Register are stored in the Credits section of the Client's record for booking at a later time. 

To sell a prepaid Service or Series in MassageBook Mobile:

  1. Sign in to the MassageBook Mobile app to open your Dashboard.  
  2. Select ☰ to open the side menu.
  3. Select Cash Register.
  4. Select Select Client
  5. Type in Search Clients to locate and select an existing Client. If the Client doesn't already have a record, choose Add Client instead, fill in their contact information, and select Save. 
  6. Select Add Item
  7. Select Add Service.
  8. Select a Service Category to locate and select the Service or Series you're selling. 
  9. Select a Duration
  10. Select Select Service to add the item to the cart. 
  11. Select Next - Select Payment Method.
  12. Select the Payment Method for how the Client is paying:  
    • If credit card and you're connected with Square, select Checkout with Square to process through Square Point of Sale (POS). To learn how to check out through POS, go here.
    • If credit card and you're connected with Stripe, select Charge to key in or swipe a card. To learn how to check out using the Mobile Card Reader, go here
    • If cash, select Cash > enter the amount received > Complete Checkout
    • If check, select Check > enter the check # > enter the amount received Complete Checkout
    • If Gift Certificate, select Gift Certificate > enter the Gift number > enter the amount received Complete Checkout
    • If none of the above, select Other > enter a Description > enter the amount received Complete Checkout
  13. A receipt will be generated upon completion. Select Send Receipt to email it to the Client or select Skip to bypass. 

Afterwards, the Service or Series will be added to the Credits section of the Client's record and can be selected next time they book an appointment. 

Alternatively, you can sell a prepaid Service or Series when checking out an existing appointment. Select Add Item on the Appointment Checkout page. The total due will update to include the current cost of the appointment plus any items that are added.

To learn how to book a prepaid Service or Series in MassageBook Mobile, go here

Note: The Credits section of a Client's record is only available in the desktop version. You will not see a Credits section if you go to a Client's record in MassageBook Mobile. When booking in MassageBook Mobile, you will see what a Client has available once you select their name during the booking process. 

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