Adding Repeating Blocked Time

Use repeating Blocked Time to add multiple events at once.

For example, if you're going on vacation for a week, you can create one event and add it to every day during that week. Or, if you have a biweekly meeting during a set time, you can create one event and add it every two weeks. 

To add repeating Blocked Time in MassageBook Mobile: 

  1. Sign in to the MassageBook Mobile app to open your Dashboard.  
  2. Select Block Time.
  3. Select Select Staff to choose the Staff you are blocking time for. Note: Select All Staff to block the same hours for everyone.
  4. Select Select Date to choose the day the repeating Blocked Time begins. 
  5. Select Recurring Options.
  6. Enter a quantity in Repeats Every for how often it repeats. 
  7. Select Days or Weeks to specify if the quantity is days or weeks. 
  8. If it ends after a number of events, enter X amount in Ends After Events. If it ends after a date, select Ends After Date to choose a date.
  9. Select Save to set the recurrence. 
  10. Select Start Time to select when the Blocked Time begins. 
  11. Select End Time to select when the Blocked Time ends. 
  12. Add a Note (optional).
  13. Select Block Time to add all events in the recurrence to the calendar and to return to the Schedule.

For example, if adding an event that happens every day for two weeks, enter Every 1 Day and Ends After X Date. 

Alternatively, you can add Blocked Time by navigating to your:

  1. Schedule.
  2. Select + in the top right corner to open the Add New menu. 
  3. Select Blocked Time.


  • You can only create repeating events based on a set number of days or weeks. You cannot specify something like the first Thursday of the month.
  • Each Staff will have an individual block on the Schedule if you choose All Staff. 
  • When booking online, Clients can only choose start times that don't conflict with your Blocked Time. When booking on the Schedule, you can book appointments that conflict with Blocked Time. You'll be warned about the conflict and asked whether or not to proceed. 
  • If you are Staff of a Business, your Permissions must include Scheduling in order to add Blocked Time in MassageBook Mobile.
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