Sending an Intake Form

You can email an Intake Form to a Client directly through their record in MassageBook Mobile. 

To send an Intake Form:

  1. Sign in to the MassageBook Mobile app to open your Dashboard.  
  2. Select Clients.
  3. Type in Search Clients to locate and select an existing Client. If the Client doesn't already have a record, choose Add Client instead, fill in their contact information, and select Save. 
  4. In Client Details, select Send next to Intake Form to email one to the Client. 

Once the Client completes the Intake Form from within their email provider's inbox, the information is automatically added to their record for viewing on your end.


  • If a Client has a completed form on file, you can send a request to update it by selecting Send Request to Update Form in the Intake Form section of their record. 
  • If a Client doesn't have an email address on file, the Send button will be grayed out and deactivated.
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