Booking an In Office Appointment

To book an In Office appointment for a Client in MassageBook Mobile:

  1. Sign in to the MassageBook Mobile app to open your Dashboard.  
  2. Select Schedule
  3. Select + in the top right corner to open the Add New menu. 
  4. Select Appointment to open New Appointment. 
  5. Select Select Client.
  6. Type in Search Clients to locate and select an existing Client. If the Client doesn't already have a record, choose Add Client instead, fill in their contact information, and select Save. 
  7. Select Select Service to open your menu. 
  8. Select a Service Category to view Services that fall under that category. 
  9. Select a Service to open the duration menu. 
  10. Select a Duration
  11. Select Select Service.
  12. If adding another Service, select Add Another Service and repeat steps 8 - 11. 
  13. Select Select Date and Time to go the Schedule. 
  14. Locate the date you want to book. 
  15. Select Available next to the hour you want to book to choose a start time. Note: Start times are available in 15 minute intervals only (e.g., 10:00am, 10:15, 10:30, 10:45). 
  16. Select Select Staff to choose a Service Provider. 
  17. Select a Room if you have more than one. 
  18. Select Options to modify Prep and Recovery Time, add appointment notes, and/or change which notifications send to the Client. Select Save to apply the changes. 
  19. Select Book Appointment to book the appointment and to return to the Schedule.

Alternatively, you can start booking an appointment by navigating to your:

  1. Schedule
  2. Locate the date you want to book. 
  3. Select Availability to view available hours. 
  4. Select Available next to the hour you want to book to choose a start time. 
  5. Fill in the remaining appointment details. 

Note: Times that show as available are based on the hours added to the Availability section of your Business Profile in the desktop version. To book outside of those hours, select Show 24 Hours next to the selected date on the Schedule.

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