What Happens When a Client Prepays Online?

When a Client prepays for an appointment at the end of online booking, their credit card is charged immediately, and the funds are automatically sent to your connected bank account.

If a Client books and prepays for an appointment:

  • You'll receive a new booking notification via email and text (if enabled). Note: Prepayment is not indicated in these notifications. 
  • A Prepaid icon will show on the appointment block on the Schedule (desktop and mobile). 
  • A Prepaid icon will show next to the appointment in the Notifications section of MassageBook Mobile. 
  • The total balance due will be $0 when checking out

After a Client pays online, a receipt is generated and added to the Sales section of your Business Profile and the Account section of the Client's record.

If you're connected with Stripe, a clock icon will appear next to the amount to indicate that the payment is processing. Once the funds have deposited, the clock will update to a checkmark. These status icons do no appear if connected with Square.

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