Adding a Phone Number to Your Professional Account

Your Professional Account's phone number serves two purposes:

  • It's added to the Staff section of a Business Profile so that the Business has contact information on file. 
  • It's where you receive text alerts if the feature is enabled for the Business.

To add it: 

  1. Sign in to your account. 
  2. Select Your Name in the top right corner to open the dropdown menu. 
  3. Select My Details to open Name and Account Type.
  4. Enter your Phone number. 
  5. Select Cell or Landline depending on the phone type.
  6. Select Save to complete adding your phone number. 


  • The number is for internal purposes only and is not displayed publicly. 
  • Cell must be selected in order to receive text alerts. 
  • Even though the number you add to the Business Details section of a Business Profile can be the same, they do not serve the same purpose. The number under Business Details is added to the Contact page of your public Business Listing and MassageBook Business Website. 
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