Known Issues (Beta Testers, help us out!)

The following is a list of known issues that your business may encounter using Square. We've got our best and brightest working to limit the impact these may have on your business. Thankfully, nothing should stop your business from operating normally! But, we thought you should know how to handle it if you do run into a snag along the way!

Issue 1: Some appointments aren't showing checked out when processed via Square POS in the MassageBook Pro mobile app. The appointment appears to be checked out because payment was successfully processed, but the appointment remains unchecked out on the schedule. In some cases, a Processing page displays, locking up the mobile app.

If you run into this, please send the following information over to

  • The device and operating system you are using
  • The version of your Square POS app. To find this, go to "Settings" > "Support" > "About" in your Square POS app. 
  • A clear description of what is taking place and the steps you took to get there. 
  • Whether you are on wi-fi or data service

Try these workarounds to remedy the issue:

  • Keep your Square POS app open along (not just running in the background)
  • Uninstall and reinstall the MassageBook Pro app
  • Update your Square POS app to the latest version (4.93)

Issue 2: If a business has taxes enabled in MassageBook, that amount is included in the taxable amount sent to Square via app switch. We're working with Square to apply MassageBook taxes for card-not-present transactions, and Square taxes for all POS transactions. 

Workaround: If taxes are enabled in MassageBook, but you want to apply Square taxes, select "Exempt" prior to taking payment via Square POS. 

Issue 3: When building a Promotion, you have the option to require clients to pay for it at the time of booking, versus at the time of service. If you are connected to Square for payments (or not connected yet, but given the option to use Square), the checkbox to select pre-payment is unavailable, and a message to "Turn payments on to enable" displays. Selecting that hyperlink takes you to the old Payments page, where Stripe is the only option to connect.

Once this issue is resolved, you'll be able to require pre-payment for a promotion again.

Issue 4: When you refund a transaction in Square, nothing is sent back to MassageBook to indicate it was refunded. Square does not offer a "Pending" status with their API, so there is no way for us to detect that the refund has been initiated. We're working with Square to get a status back once they have completed the refund. Your client will still receive their refund, but the invoice won't show refunded in MassageBook. 

Workaround: Refund transactions in MassageBook only until this is fixed. Both the invoice in Square and MassageBook will be updated in real time as the refund is posted. 

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