How do I Begin Taking Payments in MassageBook via my Square Account?

This tutorial will walk you through all you need to know to connect with your Square account and collect payments in MassageBook! 

Before you begin:

You will first need to create and set up a Square account. For assistance with creating and managing a Square account, visit the Square Help Center. Square's standard credit card processing fees apply. 

This integration allows you to pay a MassageBook balance using your Square account. You will not be able to choose an item from your Square Products or Services Menu during checkout. 

First, a total is generated in MassageBook either by checking out an appointment or generating a sale from the Cash Register. Then, your Square POS app will open, allowing you to use your Square device, as well as any existing gift certificates or cards on file to process payment. Sales will be reflected in both MassageBook and Square. 

Step 1: Connect your existing Square account

  1. Login to your MassageBook account.
  2. Select Settings > Credit Card Payments.
  3. Select Connect with Square.

  4. Agree to the Terms and Conditions, and select Connect with Square

  5. Enter the email address and password for the account you want to connect.

  6. Select Allow on the Permissions page.
  7. Once you've successfully connected your account, all transactions (online booking pre-payment, desktop cash register, and mobile cash register) will be deposited into your Square account. 

    Note: If you have multiple locations set up under your Square account, a window will display for you to choose the account you want to connect prior to successful connection. 

Step 2: Accept payments with Square POS using both the MassageBook Pro app and desktop site on your tablet or phone

  1. Download and login to the Square POS mobile app on your mobile phone or tablet. Ensure your device and operating system are compatible with Square
  2. Ensure you have properly connected your Square reader to your device via the Square POS app.
  3. For an optimal experience, we recommend downloading the MassageBook Pro mobile app. If you already use the mobile app, uninstall and reinstall it before taking payments. 
  4. When you checkout an appointment or sell an item via the MassageBook Pro mobile app, you'll see the option to Checkout with Square.

    When you checkout an appointment or sell an item via the Cash Register on the desktop site, you'll see the option for Square.

    Note: You will not see your business' Square Products Menu here. Square is the payment processor, meaning MassageBook is sending Square a total amount to be paid by a Square payment method. When you select Checkout with Square, MassageBook is handing off the sale to your Square POS app to be paid.
  5. Square will serve up their Square POS payments page. Use your Square device if charging a card, or select from another Square payment method and complete checkout. If you are using a Square bluetooth card reader, ensure that it is configured in your POS app prior to checking out in MassageBook.  

  6. If tips are enabled in your POS app, they'll be offered up as normal during check-out. The checkout flow is Square's, so it should look just like what you're used to.

  7. Choose a square receipt option as normal, and select New Sale to be routed back to your MassageBook account. New Sale must be selected for the appointment to register as checked-out in MassageBook. 

Step 4: Accept payments from clients pre-paying online or via your MassageBook Cash Register on a desktop or laptop

When you checkout transactions in MassageBook on a desktop or laptop computer, simply select Charge and manually enter the payment information. Square POS app and devices are only compatible with phones and tablets. When a client pre-pays online for an appointment, or purchases a MassageBook gift certificate, the transaction will be deposited into your Square account according to your Square deposit schedule. These transactions are subject to Square's card-not-present credit card processing fees

Step 5: View the receipt in both MassageBook and Square

Once you've completed a transaction, a receipt will be generated in both your MassageBook account and Square account. The Square receipt will also include the MassageBook invoice ID. 

Have more questions about your Square account? Check out the Square Help Center, here. Have more questions about MassageBook's integration with Square? Check out our FAQ's, here.

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