Step by Step to Success

Once you've created an account, there are a several key components that you'll need to either set up or familiarize yourself with in order to begin successfully using MassageBook.

Complete Business Setup

The Setup section of your Business Profile is where you'll add all the basics about your Business, including contact information, photos, a description, the Services you offer, and who works there.

Completing Setup is required in order to generate your Business Listing that will appear in the MassageBook Search Directory and your MassageBook Business Website which acts as your online booking portal that you share with Clients. 

For more information about what's required and how to complete Setup, go here

Complete Personal Listing 

The Listing section of your Personal Profile is where you'll add all the basics about you as a Service Provider, including a photo, bio, license, education, an NPI number, and where you work.

Completing Listing is required in order to generate your Personal Listing that will appear in the MassageBook Search Directory and for detailed information to show about you on the Staff page of both your Business Listing and your MassageBook Business Website. 

For more information about what's required and how to complete Listing, go here.

Add Your Availability 

Enter the hours that you work, and select the type of availability that you offer so that Clients can begin booking online once it's enabled. 

To learn more about types of availabilty and how to manage yours, go here.   

Get to Know Your Schedule

Booking appointments and recording payments keep your Business humming. An assortment of tools and settings are available to help you easily manage and organize your daily activity. 

To learn how to customize your Schedule and perform the essentials, go here

Activate Online Booking

Once you've completed Setup, added your availability, and learned to use the Schedule, activate online booking so that Clients can begin scheduling with you. 

To learn how to set your preferences and enable the feature, go here.

Invite Staff to Join

Add any other Service Providers that work for your Business so that they can be booked as well. 

To learn how to add Staff to your Business and to manage their settings and availability, go here

Add Your Clients

If your Business has existing Clients, you can add individual records one at a time, or you can import a spreadsheet file to bring them all over at once. Clients are required in order to begin booking appointments and to use other Client related features such as SOAP Notes and Intake Forms. 

To learn how to add Clients to your Business, go here

Activate Credit Card Payments

Connect with Square or Stripe to instantly begin accepting credit card payment through MassageBook. This allows you to require prepayment for online booking and to charge a card after an appointment. 

To learn more about connecting with Square, go here

To learn more about connecting with Stripe, go here

Turn On Reviews

Build your reputation and increase your rank by collecting Reviews from verified appointments. 

To learn how to get the good word rolling in, go here.  

Download MassageBook Mobile

Take your Business on the go with the mobile app! Download MassageBook Pro for free from the App Store or Google Play. 

To learn more about MassageBook Mobile, go here

Start a 30 Day Free Trial of the Master Plan

You can do everything listed above on the Free Plan, but MassageBook is loaded with even more features to help simply and grow your practice. Once you've got the basics going, unlock all that your account has to offer to see what new heights you can reach! 

To learn how to activate your trial, go here


We're excited and grateful to have you on board, and we look forward to working with you along the way! There are three ways to connect with us if you need direct assistance:

  • Email: or select Ask MassageBook in your Professional Account.
  • Phone: 843-352-2026
  • Live Chat: Select Chat With Us in your Professional Account. 

In shared success,

The MassageBook Team

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