What Information Do I Need to Know for Square Beta?

Be sure to visit our new Square Help Center for a variety of FAQ's and up-to-date feature developments!

Thank you again for partnering with MassageBook as a Square beta user! Please be sure to read the following information, as it may answer specific questions that you have. If you have further questions once you're accepting Square payments in MassageBook, be sure to review our Square Help Center where you'll find answers to many questions about current and future functionality!

If Square has not been enabled for your business, please contact our Support Team via support@massagebook.com and we'll be happy to get you set up! 

What is expected of me during this beta phase?

  1. Connect your MassageBook account to Square and use the desktop and/or mobile app to take payments via MassageBook!
  2. Feedback! We need to collect as much information as we can from our beta group. Please contact our team via Support@MassageBook.com

How do I start accepting Square payments?

  1. Login to your MassageBook account
  2. Select Settings > Credit Card Payments
  3. Select Connect with Square
  4. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and sign into your Square POS account
  5. For mobile payments and to use Square POS devices, uninstall and reinstall the MassageBook mobile app from your App Store and login to your Square POS acount

Once you've successfully connected your account, all transactions (online booking pre-payment, desktop cash register, and mobile cash register) will be deposited into your Square account. 



How will this work for multi-staff businesses? 

You can only connect your business to one Square account, so be sure that you've decided upon which Square account you want your business' Square payments to go to. If you have a multiple Staff and each have their own Square account, funds will not route to their respective accounts. 

What will change in my MassageBook account once I connect?

Desktop: When you checkout transactions via MassageBook desktop, simply select Charge and enter the payment information. The transaction will be deposited into your Square account. COMING VERY SOON - The option to use your Square device(s) with the desktop Cash Register!

Mobile: When you checkout an appointment via the MassageBook Pro mobile app, you'll see Square as a payment method. Once selected, we'll serve up the Square POS payments page. Use your Square device(s) and complete checkout!

All transactions will display in your business' Sales Activity and in your Square account. No more selecting Other: Square during checkout and navigating between the two accounts! 



Can I use my existing Square POS devices, gift certificates, tips, and cards held on file in Square?

Square POS hardware and payment methods can be used via the MassageBook Pro mobile app and the desktop version of the site on a tablet or phone.  Be sure that you've downloaded both MassageBook Pro and the Square POS app from your app store. If a card is already on file in Square, you'll be able to select it during check-out. If tips are enabled in your POS app, they'll be offered up as normal during check-out. The check-out flow is Square's, so it should look just like what you're used to! 




When can I expect funds to hit my bank?

You are connecting to your existing Square account, so whatever your current transfer schedule is now will remain.  

What known issues / limitations exist with Square beta? (IE: What we're currently working on. There's no need to report these items during beta.)
  1. SPLIT PAYMENTS: If you are running a split payment across two credit cards, you'll want to do so via the MassageBook pro mobile app. This functionality does not exist in the desktop Cash Register. Additionally, you can only split payments between two or more MassageBook payment methods, or two or more Square payment methods. You cannot split payments across one MassageBook method, and one Square method. For example, if you wish to use a MassageBook Gift Certificate for part of the payment, and pay the remaining balance with a credit card, you will have to do manually enter the card. This functionality is coming soon!
Help Needed

Our first round of beta testing has been great! However, we have several businesses reporting a bug that our team, and the team at Square, really need your help in trying to replicate. The issue is as follows:
When checking out appointments via mobile, the payment processes in Square POS, but when you are routed back to MassageBook Pro to complete the transaction by selecting "New Sale", the screen displaying "Processing" freezes up your app. The end result is a successful transaction in Square POS, but no checked out appointment in MassageBook. If you run into this, please report the issue using the feedback form and include the appointment details, the version of the OS you are on, as well as the Square POS app. You can find the version of Square by selecting "Settings" > "Support" > "About" in your POS app. It is critical that we replicate this issue and that Square fixes it before we can move out of the beta stage.

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