Editing Repeating Blocked Time Per Staff

Once repeating Blocked Time has been created, you have the ability to edit any details as needed.

To edit repeating Blocked Time per Staff, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile. 
  2. Select Schedule.
  3. Locate the event you need to edit. If editing all, locate the event where you want the changes to begin. 
  4. Select the event block to open the side menu. 
  5. Select Details to open the Blocked Time details. 
  6. Select All Future or Only This.
  7. Make changes as needed. 
  8. Select Save to apply any changes and to return to the Schedule. 


  • Even if the recurrence was originally created for All Staff, you can only edit on a per Staff basis. Editing only applies to the selected Staff. 
  • You can click and drag repeating Blocked Time block across the Schedule to change the date and time. You'll be asked to confirm if it's for the single event or all future ones.
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