Editing Recurring Availability Per Staff

To edit Recurring Availability per Staff, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile. 
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Availability to go to the Staff Scheduler page. 
  4. Select the availabilty time frame you need to edit to open the Add/Edit Availability window. 
  5. Make changes as needed. 
  6. Select Save to update the hours and to return to Staff Scheduler. 

Alternatively, you can edit hours per Staff by navigating to your:

  • Business Profile > Setup > Staff > View Staff Availability
  • Business Profile > Setup > Staff > Define Availability


  • Define Availability automatically shows only the selected Staff's hours on Staff Scheduler.
  • Adding new hours to a day that already has availabilty doesn't override and remove the existing block. The existing block will remain until it's edited or removed.
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