Creating a Professional Account

Welcome to MassageBook!

You've come to the right place if you're ready to take the next step in progressing as a bodywork professional! 

First, you'll need to create a free Professional Account to be on your way to simplifying and growing your practice. 

To get started, go here

  1. Enter your Email. This is what you'll use to sign in with after account creation and where MassageBook will send any email communication. 
  2. Choose a Password
  3. Select Let's get started! to proceed to the next page. 
  4. If you're both a Business Owner and a Service Provider, check I am the practice owner and I perform bodywork services. If you'll be joining a Business already on MassageBook and not creating an account for your own Business, select I perform bodywork services.
  5. Select Next to proceed. If you didn't check that you're a practice owner, skip to step 11. 
  6. Select your Country (United States and Canada only). 
  7. Enter your Business Name
  8. Select your MassageBook Business Website Address. Each Business on MassageBook has a unique website, and your selection here determines the address for yours. 
  9. Enter your Business Address. If you don't want it to display publicly on MassageBook, uncheck Display business address
  10. Select Next to proceed. 
  11. Enter your First Name
  12. Enter your Last Name
  13. Select your Gender.
  14. If you're a member of a professional organization, select an option from the Organization dropdown menu (optional). 
  15. Let us know how you currently manage your practice. 
  16. Check I agree with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
  17. Select Get Started! to complete creating your account. 

Once you're in, follow the on screen prompts to begin filling out your Business Setup and Personal Listing. 

For a step by step guide that will serve as a launching pad to get you moving in the right direction, go here!


  • Account and contact information can be updated after account creation. 
  • While you do have the ability to create an account using a mobile phone, completing your Business Setup and Personal Listing needs to be done using a desktop, laptop, or tablet. 
  • By default, your Business name will populate as your MassageBook Business Website Address. If the name you choose is already taken, you'll be prompted to enter another selection. Alphanumeric characters, dashes, and underscores only please. 
  • If you exit midway through the process, sign in with the email and password you selected to pick up where you left off.
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