Sharing a Client Account

If you are an existing Client of a Business and you share an email address with one or more other existing Clients, you all can use the same account to manage activity with that Business. 

In order to share an account, the Business needs to have a separate record for each Client but with the same email address on file for all. 

Once you sign into your account during online booking, you'll be asked to select a recipient if the Business has two or more Clients in their account who are associated with your email address. 

To book using a shared account:

  1. Visit the Business's MassageBook Business Website. 
  2. Select Book Now to view available Services. 
  3. Choose the Service you want to book and Select it. 
  4. Select an available Staff
  5. Select an available Date
  6. Select an available Time
  7. Select Next to proceed. 
  8. Enter your Email Address
  9. Select Continue to proceed. 
  10. If you have an existing account, enter your Password. If you don't, enter the Contact Info for the primary account holder to create one. 
  11. Select Continue to proceed. 
  12. Check who will be the Recipient. Note: Select Click Here to add another Client to your account if not already listed. This option is only available if two or more already exist. 
  13. Select Save to proceed.
  14. Enter Notes to provider (optional). 
  15. Select Next to proceed. 
  16. Check I agree with the cancellation policy
  17. Select Next to proceed. 
  18. Select your preferred Payment Option to complete booking a new appointment. 


  • In the Appointments section of your account, the specific recipient for each past and upcoming appointment will be listed. 
  • All Clients sharing an email address will be able to view each other's booking activity, intake forms, and messages. They'll also be able to book, reschedule, and cancel appointments for one another.
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