Booking a Prepaid Service or Series Online as a Client

If you have prepaid for a Service or Series, you can book any available ones from within your Client account.  

To book a prepaid Service or Series:

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Locate the Service or Series under Prepaid. 
  3. Select Book (Service) or Book Next (Series) to go to Booking Details. 
  4. Select an available Staff
  5. Select an available Date
  6. Select an available Time
  7. Select Next to proceed. 
  8. Enter Notes to provider (optional). 
  9. Select Next to proceed. 
  10. Check I agree with the cancellation policy
  11. Select Next to complete booking your prepaid Service or Series and to advance to the Booking Complete page. 

If activated by the Business, an Appointment Confirmation and Intake Form maybe sent to your account's email address.

Alternatively, if you select to book your Service or Series from the Business's public Services page, you'll be asked if you'd like to use any available credits after you sign in during the online booking process.

Note: You must select the same Service or Series you prepaid for in order to be asked to use a credit after you sign in during the online booking process. If you select a Service or Series that you have not prepaid for, you will not be asked if you'd like to us any available credits.

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