Understanding New Client Marketing Fees

The MassageBook Search Directory is used by the massage seeking public to find and book with local massage and bodywork professionals. You can choose to be listed in your area and to allow new Clients to book with you through the directory. 

If you opt in and a new Client books through your Business Listing, a one time marketing fee of 15% of the Service cost is deducted from their payment to you. If 15% is less than $6, the marketing fee is automatically rounded up to $6. 

As of January 2nd, 2019, all new Clients who book through a Business Listing in the MassageBook Search Directory will be required to prepay for their appointment in advance in order to complete online booking.

In order to receive payment for this type of appointment, you must either be:

Watch the following video to learn more! 

Note: Because scenarios exist that can produce a false positive (e.g., a former client no longer in your account booking through the directory), MassageBook gives you the ability to dispute a marketing fee in the event that you think one is incorrectly assessed.

Locate the Client's receipt in Sales > Sales Activity. Select the green Dispute Marketing Fee button on the receipt to submit your claim, and a MassageBook team member will follow up accordingly. 

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