July 5th, 2018: Square Integration Update

Welcome back from your Fourth of July!

Summer is a mixed bag for us massage therapists and bodyworkers, isn’t it?

If you’re like me, you love the lingering days that end with a warm, soft glow and the countless ways to enjoy the warm outdoors.

And it’s hard to beat the summer uniform of shorts, shirt and flip flops.

The downside?

You’re not the only one enjoying their summer. Your clients, who’ve been visiting you regularly all year long, are taking time off and traveling too.

You may find you have more gaps in your schedule than you care for…

What’s an MT to do?

The extra time you have now is a gift.

In addition to recharging your physical and psychological self, use the time to prepare your practice for an insanely successful late summer, fall and winter.

While there are many things you can do to freshen up your space’s appearance and to improve the experience your customers enjoy - these things mean little if there aren’t any clients coming in your door.

That’s where MassageBook can help - and where a little time from you can pay big rewards.

What do I mean?

Here’s something you may not realize - the MassageBook Directory is doing an unbelievable job directing thousands of people in all 50 states to massage therapists and bodyworkers near them.

There’s a ton of traffic going to the business websites on MassageBook. And that’s only going to increase as we roll out a brand new directory site and booking experience this fall that’s optimized for mobile - and as we increase our advertising efforts of the directory to the public.

What we’ve noticed though, is that a relatively small number of businesses on MassageBook are getting most of the new clients.


So we looked into this and the answer is actually pretty simple. The businesses with better photos and descriptions - the ones that look more professional - are getting the bookings.

So here’s my strong suggestion for you if you’re looking to attract more new clients - put some time and effort into putting the best possible photos and descriptions of yourself and your practice on your MassageBook website this summer..

It'll cost you a little time, but the payback can be huge.

So have a great summer - and help us make the rest of your year great too!



P.S. - As always, we stand ready to help you in any way we can. Email or call us!


What’s New! 



In addition to gift certificate designs appropriate for holidays, birthdays and special occasions, we're adding a new design simply saying “Thank You” to encourage your clients to give the gift of a session with you to show their appreciation for favors large and small. It will be available early next week! 



Great news!

The MassageBook - Square integration is successfully being used by our first round of MassageBook practices - who are now able to check out clients from MassageBook using Square. We’ve received some suggestions for small improvements which we’ll be completing in about a week. At this time we’ll be expanding the beta test group.

All those who have signed up to be included in the beta (early adopter) program will be receiving a separate email with an invitation in the next few weeks. Keep a eye out for it in your inbox!

For the rest of you, we expect the roll out to continue to go smoothly, so look for a general release to make Square processing available to all MassageBookers by late July or early August.

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