Understanding Booking Rules

There are four options in Booking Rules for how you can choose to accept online appointments from Clients. 

Online Booking for Existing Clients: Select this to allow existing Clients to book online. The email address on file in the Details section of the Client's record is used to determine their status with your Business. By MassageBook's definition, an existing Client is someone who has a record on file in the Clients section of your Business Profile, has an email address on file in their record, and uses that same email address to book online. 

Online Booking for New Clients: Select this to allow new Clients to book online through your MassageBook Business Website, through booking options you've added to your own website (if applicable), and through Facebook Connect. A new Client is anyone booking online using an email address not on file in your Clients section. A record with that email address will be added to your account upon completion of online booking. 

New Client Referrals from the MassageBook Search Directory: Select this if your Business Listing is turned on in the MassageBook Search Directory, and you want to allow new Clients to book through it. If a new Client books through your Business Listing, a one time marketing fee of 15% of the Service cost is deducted from their payment to you. If 15% is less than $6, the marketing fee is automatically rounded up to $6. As of January 2, 2019, all new Clients who book through this option will be required to prepay in order to confirm the appointment.

Email Booking Requests: Select this to allow existing and new Clients to submit appointment requests to the email address of your choice. A Client selects a Service and fills out a form with their preferred date and time. The request details are then emailed to you, but the appointment is not confirmed until booked by the Business on the Schedule. Note: The Client's preferred time does not take your availability into consideration. Any date and time of their choosing can be requested. Contact information is provided in the event that you need to contact the Client directly. 


  • Booking Rules apply to the Business and cannot vary from Staff to Staff. The same rules apply to all Staff who are available for booking. 
  • Online booking and email requests cannot be enabled at the same time. It's one or the other, and the same rules apply to all Services that are available for booking. 
  • Your Business Listing in the Search Directory has a unique web address that allows MassageBook to determine that a new Client booked through it.
  • Use the resources and tools found under Setup > Promote (Facebook Connect, Website Integration, Share Profile) to advertise online booking for yourself. New Clients booking through those sources are not subject to a marketing fee. 
  • If Booking Rules are deactivated altogether, your public Services page will still be available for viewing purposes only. 
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