My Schedule Settings

My Schedule Settings allow you to customize the look of My Schedule. To set your preferences, navigate to your:

  1. Personal Profile. 
  2. Select My Schedule
  3. Select the Settings Icon download.png in the top right corner of My Schedule to open Schedule Settings.
  4. Check Display options to choose which hours display on My Schedule. For example, you can limit My Schedule to only show between 9am - 6pm. This allows you to adjust the view and to hide non-working hours if you prefer.
  5. Choose your preferred Shading of unavailable times. Available times are white and unavailable times are your choice of gray. 
  6. Choose your preferred Display start of week on. Sunday or Monday only. 
  7. Choose your preferred Text Color to show on appointment blocks. Black or white only. 
  8. Choose your preferred Color options for appointments. You can: 
    • Not color appointments. 
    • Color by Service using the color swatch. 
    • Color by Business using default colors or the color swatch. 
  9. Select Save to apply your preferences and to return to My Schedule. 

Note: Text and appointment colors also apply to the mobile app's My Schedule. 

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