Adding a Call-to-Action Button to a Campaign

Most Campaign templates include a built-in call-to-action button that links to the Services or Gift Certificates page of your MassageBook Business Website. You can only change the title of a built-in button. You cannot change the link, nor can you remove the button. 

You can add your own custom call-to-action button if you're using the Blank Slate (or Empty) template or a Build Your Own template. This allows you to add a button that links to a Promotion or another website. 

To add a call-to-action button to a Campaign, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile.
  2. Select Marketing to open Campaigns.
  3. Select +New Campaign to open the Select Template step.
  4. Under the Themes tab, locate and Select the Blank Slate (or Empty) template to proceed to the Recipients step. Or, under the Build Your Own tab, Select one of the four available templates to proceed. 
  5. Complete the Recipients step.
  6. Select Save & Next to proceed to the Design step. 
  7. Select in a text content box to open the Edit Content window. 
  8. Select Button to open the Insert Button window.  
  9. Enter the Link for the Promotion or external site.
  10. Enter Text for the title of the button. 
  11. Use the available tools to customize the button's design (optional). 
  12. Select OK to return to Edit Content.  
  13. Select Save Changes and Close to return to the Design step.
  14. Complete the remaining steps and requirements to create and send the Campaign.

Note: If the site's formal address contains it, be sure to include https://www. when entering a link. For example, if you're adding a button that links to Google, use as opposed to just or This ensures that the button will open as intended when selected by a Client.

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