Booking a Prepaid Service

If you sell a Service through the Cash Register or add a Service at checkout for a previous appointment, it's stored in the Credits section of the Client's record for booking at a later date.

To book a Client's prepaid Service, navigate to your: 

  1. Business Profile.
  2. Select Schedule.
  3. Locate the date and time you want to book.   
  4. Select the calendar to create a new event. 
  5. Select Book Appointment to begin filling in the appointment details. 
  6. If booking an Outcall, select Office Appointment and choose Outcall Appointment instead.
  7. Type in Search existing clients to locate and select an existing Client. 
  8. The Client's prepaid Service will automatically populate as the selected Service.
  9. If the Client has more than one on file, open the Select service dropdown to choose another. 
  10. Complete the remaining appointment details. 
  11. Select Save to book the prepaid Service and to return to the Schedule. 
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