Checking Out an Appointment

To check out an appointment and to record the Client's payment, go to your:

  1. Business Profile. 
  2. Select Schedule
  3. Locate the appointment you need to check out. 
  4. Select the appointment block to open the side menu. 
  5. Select Check out to go to the first page of Checkout and to review the details. 
  6. If applying a discount, select Apply discount to enter a dollar amount off in the discount field and to add a reason (optional). The total due will update accordingly. Note: The reason displays internally and on the printed version of the receipt. It does not display on the emailed version. 
  7. If taxes are enabled and you want to exempt them, select Exempt. The total due will update accordingly. 
  8. Select Checkout to proceed to the next page. 
  9. If adding a tip, enter a dollar amount in the Tip field. The total due will update accordingly. Note: Leave blank if checking out through Square Point of Sale (POS). Clients will sign + tip through that app. 
  10. Select the Payment Method for how the Client is paying:  
    • If credit card and you're connected with Square using a tablet, select Square to process through Square POS. To learn how to check out through POS, go here
    • If credit card and you're connected with Square using a computer, select Charge to key in the card. Swipe is not supported if using Square with a computer. 
    • If credit card and you're connected with Stripe, select Charge to key in or swipe a card. To learn how to check out using the USB Card Reader, go here
    • If cash, select CashRecord Payment
    • If check, select Check > enter the check number > Record Payment
    • If Gift Certificate, select Gift Cert > enter the Gift Certificate code > Record Payment. To learn more about redeeming a Gift Certificate, go here.
    • If none of the above, select Other > enter a Description > Record Payment
  11. A receipt will be generated upon completion, and you will be prompted to do one of the following:
    • Done, Don't Email Receipt if the Client does not need a receipt. 
    • Print Receipt if the Client wants a printed version. 
    • Send Email Receipt if the Client wants an emailed version. If needed, select Edit to change the delivery address to something other than what the Client has on file. This will not change the Client's default email address. 

Afterwards, you'll be returned to the Schedule, and the appointment block will update to Checked Out. 


  • The date on the receipt is based on the checkout date. If the appointment date was January 1st but it was checked out on January 2nd, the receipt date will be January 2nd. 
  • If you select Charge in step 10 and need to add a tip to the card payment, the amount must be entered prior to charging the card in order for it to be included. A Client does not have the option to sign + tip through that method. That capability is only available when checking out in MassageBook Mobile or Square POS. 
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