Some of my clients don't want to receive emails and texts. Can I turn this off?

By default, each Client is set up to receive text message reminders, review request emails, and Campaign and Autopilot emails if the features are activated within your Business Profile. 

If a Client requests to not receive any of the aforementioned messages, you can deactivate each on a per Client basis. 

To edit a Client's Message Settings, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile. 
  2. Select Clients to open your list.
  3. Search for and select the Client to open their record. 
  4. Select Message Settings at the top of their record to expand the menu. 
  5. Uncheck any of the following based on the Client's preferences:
    • Text Messages if the Client doesn't want to receive appointment reminders via text.
    • Review Requests if the Client doesn't want to receive an email requesting to rate their appointment. 
    • Email Campaigns if the Client doesn't want to receive Campaign and Autopilot emails sent from your Business. 
  6. Select Save

Note: A Client can also unsubscribe from Campaigns and Autopilots on their own via any of those emails they receive.

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