Why do I not see my service/gift certificate when creating a promotion?

If you do not see a Service/Gift Certificate listed in the "Service" dropdown when creating a promotion, please ensure that the service/gift certificate is marked as active using the steps below:

Activating a Service:

  • Navigate to Setup (on blue banner)
  • Click Service Menu tab on left hand side
  • Scroll down the Service Menu until you find the desired Service
  • Check the Active box next to the Service name

Activating a Gift Certificate:

  • Navigate to Marketing (on blue banner)
  • Click Gift Certificates tab
  • Click either Service Certificates or Custom Certificates
  • Scroll down the list to find the desired Gift Certificate
    • For Service Certificates, check the Gift Certificate Available box
    • For Custom Certificates, check the Active box

Once the Service or Gift Certificate is active, it will then appear in the "Service" dropdown when creating a promotion.

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