Adding Another Business or Location

If you own another Business or if your one Business has multiple locations, you can add them under the same account.

Each geographical location is recognized separately, even if the Business name is the same. This allows each location to have its own Staff, Service Menu, Schedule, Availability, Clients, and more.

Each Business will have a separate Profile to toggle between.

To add another Business:

  1. Select the Down Arrow in the top left corner next to your current Business name. 
  2. Select Add New Business
  3. Enter the Business Name
  4. Select Save to create and go to the new Profile. 
  5. Select Setup to complete the required sections just like you did for the first Business. 

Alternatively, you can add another location by navigating to your:

  1. Personal Profile. 
  2. Select Listing
  3. Select Places of Work
  4. Select +Add
  5. Select I own or manage this Business
  6. Enter the Business Name and fill in the remaining details. 
  7. Select Save


  • Each Business has its own subscription. If you are subscribed to multiple paid plans, each additional one is 50% off the listed price. 
  • Each Business has its own MassageBook Business Website for online booking, but your MassageBook Personal Website lists all locations on one page. To learn more, go here
  • Each Business has its own Clients. To learn more, go here.
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