How do I transfer my existing data to MassageBook?

Whether you're running your business with pen and paper, a calendar, and/or another software program, MassageBook offers simple solutions to transfer your existing data to your new Professional account! 
Intake Forms
If you have your own paper intake forms, you can scan them and then upload the files into the SOAP Notes section of client records in PDF format! You can also take advantage of our electronic Client Intake Forms! For more information, click here: Client Intake Forms
Client List
The best way to bring over client data is to import those clients via spreadsheet. That spreadsheet will have to be made/exported prior to import into MassageBook. You can also manually add clients to your Client List.
If you have existing appointments on a Google calendar, you can import that appointment data via Google Sync. You can manually add the appointments to the Schedule for any upcoming/requested appointments: Booking an In-Office Appointment
Note: There isn't a way to enter historical data about past appointments into client records. You can bring over existing appointments via Google Sync but the booking history for your clients cannot be entered into their records unless you book an in-office appointment. 

We have several options for you to showcase the wonderful reviews that clients have left for your and/or your business outside of MassageBook's Reviews feature! For more information, click here: How to display existing reviews on MassageBook

Gift Certificates
If your business previously sold gift certificates prior to MassageBook, or if you have custom gift certificates for sale in your office, you can add those unique codes in MassageBook! For more information, click here: Account for previously sold gift certificates
Packages (called "Series" in MassageBook)
If your clients have outstanding sessions or credit that you want to account for in your MassageBook account, you can put those sessions or credit on their client records by selling them prepaid services and/or applying store credit to their records! 
For example-- A client had a package ("Series") of 5 60-minute Swedish Massages and now they have 3 left. 
1. Create the Series, "5 60-minute Swedish Massages" in your Service Menu
2. Apply Store Credit to the client's record in the amount that totals the cost of the Series
3. Go to the Cash Register > Add Client > Select Series
4. Sell Series from Cash Register and use the store credit to pay for it. This will ensure that your accounting activity does not record payment when payment was actually received on a different data: Checking out with Store Credit
5. Go to the client's client record > Credits > Pre Sold Series > Edit
6. Edit the client's Series Balance to reflect how many are actually left.
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