How Do I Transfer My Business to MassageBook?

Whether you currently run your Business with pen and paper, Google Calendar, or another software provider, MassageBook offers simple solutions to help transfer your existing data to your new account!


There are two options for adding existing Client records:


There are two options for adding existing appointments:

Note: The Activity section in a Client's record stores all MassageBook booking activity. There is not a way to import historical appointments into their Activity.

SOAP Notes and Intake Forms

If you have previous SOAP Notes and Intake Forms in a digital format, you have the ability to upload those files to a Client's record via their SOAP Notes section.

You can also view and fill out the Client's MassageBook Intake Form on their behalf based on the information they submitted on their previous form. Or, email a new MassageBook Intake Form to them to complete on their own.


There are two options for adding existing reviews:

Gift Certificates

If your Business has outstanding gift certificates, you can generate a unique code for each one so that they can be used in MassageBook.

Prepaid Services and Series

If you have Clients who have prepaid for Services or Series outside of MassageBook but have yet to use them, you can add them to the Client's record by selling them through the Cash Register using store credit.

For example, if a Client purchased a five session Series and has used two, add the remaining three by:

Alternatively, you can sell single Services through the Cash Register as well.

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