How do I change the listing that is not mine on the Visibility Index?

Are you seeing another company listed in red under the Visibility Index that isn't yours? Not to worry! 

The other company under the a network listing just means that it's the closest business to your name and location; it doesn't actually mean it's connected to your listing. If you have a network listing, you can select the "Connect" button and follow the directions there.

Click the button, "Re-run test". Once connected, that other business will not be there, yours will.

It's also important to note that the Visibility Index doesn't actually mean that your Networks are connected. This Index is just a tool for you to see how all of your social media networks appear on search engines. The more uniform (address, phone number, name..etc) your business on those networks is, the more effective your local search rank will be. For more information, view these articles from our Knowledge Base:

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