Changing the page your "Book Now" button directs to

By default, we direct clients to the Services tab of your Business website when they select the Book Now button on your external site. If you'd like to change the section of your Business website that the button directs to, you can do so by adjusting the URL in the default code that we provide for you. 

  1. Navigate to your Business tab.
  2. Select Setup.
  3. Select Website Customization.
  4. Select Preview
  5. Navigate to the page of your website that you want your Book Now button to open up to.
  6. Copy the portion of the URL after the "#". For this example, copy the word "about". 
  7. Select Website Integration while still in the Listing section of your account.
  8. Under the Booking Widgets tab, locate the code for the Book Now button.
  9. Replace the portion of the default code that currently navigates to your Services tab (#services) with the section that you just copied (#about).

  10. Place the newly edited code into your website using the steps provided in the Website Integration section of your Listing.
  11. When clicked, your Book Now button will open up to this page instead of the default Services tab.

Note: It is very important that you change only the word "services" so that clients coming to your MassageBook website from your external website are not considered "new". New clients booking from a link that does not have "src=external" or "biz" in the URL are considered "new" clients found by MassageBook, thereby generating a new client marketing fee.

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