Our Mission

Becoming a successful bodyworker in today’s world takes much more than just great technique.

The problem is that while the world could benefit from more skilled bodywork, too many talented individuals who are passionate about helping their clients are failing to make a living doing what they love. While data shows a large number of massage, reflexology, and esthetician school students graduating each year, precious few are able to make the leap to building their own successful businesses.

The rapid growth of massage franchises has helped many stay employed in their chosen field and has demonstrated the growing public demand for professional massage and bodywork. The rapid corporatization of bodywork services is, however, making the individual dream of operating a small independent practice more difficult to achieve.

To compete effectively for bodywork clients, small practice owners need professional tools to help them attract and retain customers and manage their businesses.

MassageBook is a solution for the courageous independent bodyworker who needs to compete effectively with those businesses that have more money, business experience, and resources than they do.

We are committed to helping independent bodyworkers build thriving businesses. Our mission is to find bodyworkers who want to call their own shots, teach them how to grow the practice of their dreams, provide them with the software tools they need, and then let them focus on doing what they love – helping people feel better.

We believe that passionate, talented bodyworkers who love what they do will spread happiness and good throughout the world. Our goal is to make sure that happens.

If you’re talented and passionate about bodywork, and could use a little help growing an independent business, we sure would love for you to join us!

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