How Do I Remove, Void, or Expire an Unused Gift Certificate?

Once the sale of a Gift Certificate is finalized, the Gift Certificate is stored under Gift Certificates in the Credits section of the purchasing Client's record. The Gift Certificate will continue to remain active under the purchaser's record until it's redeemed. 

Do you expire Gift Certificates if they haven't been used after a certain amount of time? 

Have you refunded the sale of a Gift Certificate and need to void it so that it's longer available for use? 

To completely remove an unused Gift Certificate so that it's no longer available for future use:

  1. Locate and copy the active code in your Business Profile. 
  2. Go to the Cash Register.
  3. Select Add Product
  4. Enter a Product Name such as Unused Gift Certificate (or another related title if you prefer). 
  5. Enter 1 for the Quantity. 
  6. Enter the Dollar Amount of the Gift Certificate for the Price.
  7. Select Save to add the item to the Cash Register.
  8. Type in Search Clients to locate and select the Client who purchased the Gift Certificate. 
  9. Select Checkout to proceed to Payment Method.
  10. Select Gift Cert.
  11. Enter the Gift Certificate Code
  12. Enter the Amount to Apply
  13. Select Record Payment

Afterwards, the Gift Certificate's status will update to redeemed, and it will no longer be active and available for use with your Business. 

No new earned income will be added to Sales since it was already accounted for when the Gift Certificate was originally purchased.

Alternatively, you can add a Client named Gift Certificates (or another related title if you prefer) to the Clients section of your Business Profile. Each time you remove a Gift Certificate, select that Client in step 8 instead. All activity for voided Gift Certificates will be stored there. 


  • If the sale of a Gift Certificate is refunded or if you edit the receipt down to $0, the code is not automatically voided. Use the aforementioned steps to do so if needed.
  • Regenerating a code does not void the Gift Certificate. It removes the existing code and replaces it with another active one.
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