Removing unused Gift Certificates/Voiding a Gift Certificate

Once a Gift Certificate has been purchased, it will stay on the purchasing client's record until it is redeemed. To remove an unwanted Gift Certificate altogether, perform the following steps.

  1. Copy the Gift Certificate code. This can be found in the Account or Credits tab of the purchasing client's record in your Client List, or in the Gift Certificates Report located under your Sales tab. 
  2. Navigate to the Cash Register.
  3. In the space marked Select Client, enter the client's name that you want to be associated with the redeemed Gift Certificate.
  4. Select the Product button.
  5. Enter a Description (such as "Unused Gift Certificate"), "1" for Quantity, and the value of the Gift Certificate in the space marked Price.
  6. Select Checkout and choose Gift Cert for the Payment Method. 
  7. Paste the Gift Certificate code and complete the checkout process.

Your Sales Activity will not show any income for the sale of the Product, as the payment for the Gift Certificate was accounted for at the time it was sold to the purchasing client. If the Gift Certificate was sold in error and you need to zero out the transaction altogether, locate the invoice in your Sales section and use the Adjust Invoice tool to zero out the purchase. Please note that zeroing out an invoice does not remove the value of the Gift Certificate; instead, it indicates that no payment was due at the time the Gift Certificate was purchased. 

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