Adding a Client

The Clients section of your Business Profile stores all Client records for your Business. 

In order to book an appointment for a Client on the Schedule, sell them an item through the Cash Register, or create a SOAP Note for them, the Client must have an existing record on file. 

To create a record for an individual Client and to add their contact information, navigate to your:

  1. Business Profile. 
  2. Select Clients to open your list.
  3. Select +Add Client to open the Details tab. 
  4. Enter the Client's First Name.
  5. Enter the Client's Last Name.
  6. Enter the Client's Phone Number and select the Phone Type. If activated, this is where text message reminders to the Client send. In order for messages to be received, Cell must be selected. 
  7. Enter the Client's Email Address. If activated, this is where all email communication to the Client sends. 
  8. Select the Client's Country (United States and Canada only). 
  9. Enter the Client's Mailing Address
  10. Select Save to create the Client's record and to return to your list.


  • Only the Client's first and last name are required to create a record. All other fields are optional. 
  • The email address is used to determine the Client's new or existing status for online booking. By MassageBook's definition, an existing Client is someone who has a record on file in Clients, has an email address on file in their record, and uses that same email address to book online. 
  • If a Client doesn't already have a record on file in Clients, one is automatically added if the Client books an appointment online or purchases a Gift Certificate online.
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