Turning the Client Intake Form Off for Specific Clients

If you or your Staff are booking the appointment from the Business Schedule, you will see an option to omit the client from receiving the Client Intake Form.

If the Client Intake Form feature is enabled, and the client books online, the client will automatically receive a request to complete the Client Intake Form at the time of each booking until it has been completed. If you already have a paper form on file for a client, or if the client does not wish to fill one out, you can go into the client's record and save the form so that the request has been satisfied. This will prevent the client from receiving the request for all future appointments, unless manually sent by you.

1. Navigate to your Business tab.

2. Select Clients.

3. Search for the client and click on their name to open up their client record.

4. Select Intake Form at the top right of the client's record.

5. On the last page of the form (titled Waiver) select the button to Save the form. The client now has an Intake Form on file, although no selections on the form were made.


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