Adding a Client's Credit Card in Stripe

You do not have the ability to store a Client's credit card in MassageBook, but you can add one in your Stripe account if you plan to set up recurring payments for that Client in Stripe. 

To add a Client to your Stripe account and to hold their card on file in it:

  1. Sign in to your Stripe account to open your Dashboard.  
  2. Select Home
  3. Select Customers to open your Customer list. 
  4. Select +New to open Create New Customer. 
  5. Enter the Client's email address in Email
  6. Enter the Client's name in Description
  7. Select Create Customer to add the Client to your Customer list.
  8. Select the Customer in the Customer list to open their customer profile. 
  9. Under Cards, select +Add Card to open Add a Card. 
  10. Enter the Card Number
  11. Enter the Expiration Date (MM/YY)
  12. Enter the CVC.
  13. Select Add Card to save the card to the customer profile.

Note: When checking out and choosing a payment method in MassageBook, you will not be able to select the Client's card on file in Stripe. To record a credit card payment in MassageBook, the card must be swiped or manually keyed in when checking out. 

To create a payment and to charge the card in Stripe:

  1. Select Home
  2. Select Customers to open your Customer list. 
  3. Select the Customer in the Customer list to open their customer profile. 
  4. Under Payments, select +Create Payment to open Create a New Payment. 
  5. Enter the Amount to charge to the Client's card on file. 
  6. Select Charge Customer to charge the card and to complete the payment. 

Note: Payments created in Stripe are not automatically recorded in MassageBook. If you choose to manually record a Stripe payment in MassageBook after you receive it, select Other when choosing a payment method to enter a description of your choice (e.g., Stripe Payment) so that you can complete checkout in MassageBook.

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